Set Sail!



Communication Hits Home When It’s Clearly Focused.

Set sail! – that’s our slogan at marina moje communication. It’s a motivating call to action and a reliable promise to your own clients whose projects, images and brands your highly imaginative PR concepts are powering forward! At the same time, Set sail! sums up our own business approach. Our outstandingly creative direction, quality contacts and leading-edge media skills ensure your competitive advantage –even for the broadest service or product range.


Set sail! That’s just what Marina Moje said to herself in July 2014 when she made the successful transition to business independence, building on thirty-five years of successful PR for German and international clients in renowned agencies such as MPR Dr. Muth Public Relations, Wilkens Ayer PR and relations & opinion.

Marina has now focused her wealth of experience and know-how in her own Communication agency, which she has networked with an outstanding crew of hand-picked cooperation partners that enables her to combine a streamlined structure with a full service spectrum.

Fresh and agile, independent and uncomplicated, grounded and reliable – this describes both the top-level company culture and the office atmosphere at marina moje communication to a tee. This approach is rooted in the northern German way of doing things and is a faithful reflection of Marina Moje’s personality. Direct, transparent, straightforward, well-planned, decisive in action, hardworking and tirelessly goal-oriented when it comes to charting a new course for new shores. Set sail with us!


Chart A New Course To Reach New Shores!


Social Media competencies round off Marina Moje’s years of deep expertise across the full spectrum of Public Relations disciplines – from cultivating relationships by personal contact, through Product PR, Media, Print and Event-driven Communication to Online PR. In the Social Media age it’s all about charting a new course in PR and Marina Moje has the know-how on board. It comes as no surprise that this Communication expert can point to outstanding scores in terms of media resonance, press clippings, ratings, viewer and listener numbers, as well as the sheer length of her professional success. She’s justifiably proud of her “customer relationship records”


Digital media and technologies do not herald the end of traditional, proven Communication methods and forms of Public Relations. Far more they are a complement, an enrichment, and – if the practitioner knows her tools and uses them skillfully – valuable success factors.

Marina Moje has therefore integrated new media approaches coherently and consistently, adding degrees in Social Media Management and Social Media PR to her extensive resume. “In the Social Media age we have to adopt new approaches in PR too. It’s essential to understand how Social Media have changed Communication, and how to exploit their potential. Designing both today’s and tomorrow’s PR means you need to have the competencies for tailored strategic planning and the know-how for efficient implementation on board.”

These Social Media competencies round off Marina Moje’s deep skills and years of experience in the full spectrum of Public Relations disciplines. Time and time again, clients have expressed their appreciation of how Marina personally and consistently accompanies targeted and target-group focused Communication assignments in an open, peer-to-peer way with them.

It comes as no surprise that Marina Moje can point to outstanding scores in terms of media resonance, press clippings, ratings, reader, viewer and listener numbers, but also the sheer length of her professional success. She’s justifiably proud of her “customer relationship records”: In her career to date she has worked with many of her clients for over 20 years, and is happy to supply references on request under full discretion.


A Practical Network Combines Structure and Freedom.

The organization at marina moje communication is every bit as modern and up-to-date as her media repertoire. Flexible and modular in design, adjustable and networked. Marina has hand-picked cooperation partners in the fields of Design, SEO, Audio and Video to join her when an assignment requires their specialist skills to complement the Communication expert’s strategic, planning, creative and consultancy talents.


Cooperating with reliable freelance specialists is an innovative competency pool concept that removes the need for a classic, static “1.0” agency with a lot of employees on the payroll and therefore high fixed costs. It creates a rapid-response, flexible organization and saves the client hard-earned money. What’s more, Marina Moje remains the client’s sole point of contact, combining and coordinating all required measures with her external partners’ skill-sets.

This approach makes the full range of competencies available to the client, with the minimum financial outlay required to realize the concept developed by Marina Moje Communication.


Lighting Up The Way Ahead.

Leistungsansatz 2

The seafaring term beacon describes the purpose and tasks of Public Relations perfectly, in Marina Moje’s opinion. “In sailing, a beacon is a radio transmitter that aids positioning and orientation, helping the ship to reach its destination. If we represent this term as an image, it transmits the idea of giving a brand clearer resonance and generating public enthusiasm for it.”


To define a position, provide orientation and fire up public enthusiasm, all Communication measures need to be perfectly aligned to produce that unique synergy.

So it makes perfect sense to apply the principle of integrated Corporate Communication to PR. Marina Moje Communication stands for just such an integrated approach – across a remarkable number of topic areas. Transmitting unified messages simultaneously across all channels makes particularly rational PR campaigns possible. And that makes PR efficient and effective!


WWW: Even In The Web Age, The Best Connection Is Still A Good Personal Relationship.


WWW: Even In The Web Age, The Best Connection Is Still A Good Personal Relationship.

PR consultancy that generates true added value has a great deal in common with navigation. They’re both about successful steering, finding the best route and reaching the objective rapidly and reliably. So it’s a tremendous advantage to have a specialist on board who is quite literally experienced on all the world’s seven seas and has travelled to the most varied corners of the planet. Marina Moje brings with her some thirty-five years of outstandingly broad experience and deep competence in the topic areas of Fashion & Beauty, Lifestyle & Interior Design, Travel & Tourism, Services & Associations, Food & Beverages & Agriculture, Architecture & Construction as well as Wellness & Health.


Her experience in topic management and superb, cross-media network are just as comprehensive. Over the years she has developed many strong, personal contacts with journalists. For her clients’ projects these productive and constructive exchanges open up rich opportunities to command column space, airtime and a focused media presence.

In an age when the media and publishing sector is undergoing further-reaching change than ever before, reliable relationships with the press, radio and TV networks based on mutual respect provide essential, valuable constancy.

Topic Areas

Fashion & Beauty

Lifestyle & Interior Design

Travel & Tourism

Services & Associations

Food & Beverages


Architecture & Construction

Wellness & Health

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A Broad Horizon Rather Than Professional Limitations

“Small is beautiful” – the old adage rings true at marina moje communication and is a guarantee of performance. The owner’s personal know-how linked with a network of outstanding specialists creates a broad and sound professional base. This approach makes it possible to run a full service agency even with a smaller, independent office. Clients receive regular activity reports as a matter of course, along with monthly media resonance analyses. Transparent reporting enables the client to participate continually in the process of success oriented PR execution.

Overview of Services:

Press Work, Public Relations, Evaluation

    • Product PR and Brand-Building
    • Classic Press Work (Print, Online, TV, Radio)
    • Creative Press Presentations
    • Photo Shoots
    • PR Events
    • Success Monitoring / Progress Reports

Strategy & Concept Work

    • Strategy Development and Concept Work in the following fields
      • PR
      • Online PR
      • Social Media

Social Media, Content Management, Online PR

    • Social Media
      • Social Media Strategies and Campaigns
      • Management & Maintenance of Social Media Channels
      • Content Management
      • Social Media Guidelines
      • Monitoring
      • Blogger Relations / Blog Strategies for Corporate Blogs
    • Online PR
      • Websites
      • Social Media Releases


    • Print Material
      • Corporate Brochures
      • Flyers & Leaflets
      • Newsletters
      • Employee and Client Periodicals
      • Invitations


    • B2B
      • Trade Fair Management
      • B2B Communication
      • Trade Servicing
      • Market Monitoring

Training Courses, Seminars

    • Training offers
      • Seminars: “Social Media for Companies”
      • Seminars: “How has Classic PR Changed in the Social Media age?”
      • Tailored courses and workshops


Sometimes The Right Course Is Simply The Right Course.

Marina Moje has a wealth of experience as a trainer and lecturer. She offers clients and interested parties expert seminars on established topics, as well as tailored in-house training and workshops. Her seminars include: “Social Media for Companies: Opportunities and Risks”, “How Has Classic PR Changed in the Social Media Age?” as well as “Concept Work and Strategic Planning”.


The seminar “Social Media for Companies” prepares client organizations to integrate Social Media in traditional Communication strategies and identifies the possibilities, boundaries opportunities and risks.

The seminar “How Has Classic PR Changed in the Social Media Age?” juxtaposes Social Media with the traditional range of tried and trusted PR tools and shows where and how Social Media can sensibly complement these.

The seminar “Concept Work and Strategic Planning” enables decision-makers to assess Communication concepts. It defines the criteria a good concept needs to fulfil, what a good briefing looks like, how to identify truly effective ideas – and an effective agency.

Topics for other courses, training and workshops are defined in discussion with the individual client. Here too, it’s key to promote employees’ critical faculties and decision-making competencies and to help them develop the skills to help themselves in the media jungle. Marina Moje Communication provides group events as well as one-on-one coaching.

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The marina moje communication way of doing business can be summed up in two “A”s: Appropriate and Authentic.

“We provide positively critical, open and honest consultancy. We keep our word. We offer continuity and high-quality competence. We structure assignments in a financially transparent, robust way. We are professional, trustworthy, fair and discreet. And this is not merely a theoretical Mission Statement but the way we manage day-to-day business.”



Making The Right Waves.

Do only what makes sense, focus on key topics, on what’s genuinely effective, and generate media interest with a wealth of original ideas rather than a heavy budget. marina moje communication reduces, distills and concentrates on the core. Streamlined simplicity is a mark of professionalism, believes Marina Moje. “What’s right is right. A scatter-gun approach generates anything except popularity. The only true value is added value!”

Clear language and imagery are essential if Communication concepts are to stand out. Objective, friendly, with a fresh look and feel. When the target public perceives a message as cheerful and lively, you can be sure this has been previously researched in depth and thought out in great detail. In a nutshell, this is a recipe for success. At a time of exponential media growth, precise, clear messages with original content and individuality will stand head and shoulders above the rest.


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